Are there any costs incurred by the landlord?

No. We develop a turnkey project and pay a regular lease payment once the project has reached commercial operation. You may choose to incur legal costs to independently review the roof lease agreement but all required documents have been prepared at our cost.


Does a solar system damage the rooftop? 

No. Flat roof solar systems do not penetrate the roof. The installation is held in place by ballast (i.e. custom cement blocks) and the racking equipment is wind tunnel tested. A structural engineer ensures that the roof is structurally sound to hold the weight of the solar system as part of the engineering checklist. Your standard rooftop warranty also remains intact.


What happens if roof requires maintenance or repairs? 

We will move the solar installation, at our expense, to allow you to conduct the required maintenance and repairs. Prior to installation, we will need to review your maintenance and repairs schedule in order to better understand your roof condition.


Is the project insured? 

Yes. We insure the solar project against a wide range possibilities as part of our operations plan.


Does a solar energy project make noise? 

Not enough to be noticeable — even if you are standing on the rooftop. A small rooftop HVAC unit makes more noise than a typical solar installation.


Does a solar system affect the building’s energy consumption? 

No. The energy generated is connected to a separate electrical meter and you continue to pay your power bill as before.


What happens if the building is sold within 20 years?

The roof lease is transferred to a new owner who will continue to receive lease payments. Monetizing your roof will likely increase the value of your property.


What happens after the 20-year lease is complete? 

We can renew the lease at prevailing market rates, take the solar panels down at our cost, or you can buy the solar system from us at a discount. The option is yours.